Autism Studies

      evidence • hypotheses • remedies


I’m an independent researcher in central Oregon. After thirty years studying multiple sclerosis, I was struck by similarities between MS

and autism. After nine years

studying autistic disorders, I’m struck by my own autistic behavior.

There are two ways of detecting something that nobody can see: one is to aim at the finest detail by getting as close as possible with the best available analyzing instruments; the other is merely to look at the things from a new angle where they show hitherto unexposed facets. The former requires money and experience; the latter presupposes neither; indeed it is actually aided by simplicity, the lack of prejudice, and the absence of those established habits of thinking which tend to come after years of work.

Hans Selye. Biological adaptations to stress. In: Discovery Processes in Modern Biology (WR Klemm, ed) Robert E. Krieger Publishing, Huntington NY, 1977.