hcg How To Lose Weight With HCG Supplements

The main reason people choose a specific diet program is weight loss. That is a totally normal behavior. But the question I would like to consider before choosing anything is if it is really healthy to take a rigorous diet for a couple of days or weeks, lose weight and after seeing the effect, return to the diet before.

Choosing a diet is now very easy. Pick one, check the comments on a forum regarding the effectiveness and start the work. The catchy part is that there are tons of various diets and lots of them offer extraordinary effects with minimum amount of work. Let me present you my point of view about diets.

There are two types of diets. The first one I call ‘The Instant Effect Diet’. There a lot of different types, let me name a few: the 3 day diet, the military diet, 1000 kcal diet, 500 kcal diet, HCG diet and so on. The main characteristics of these is that they offer fast weight loss.

Which in terms of logic, they provide, because in their program you have to reduce the amount of food which makes us fat. In the most rigorous ones, eating is just for survival. Are they healthy – you may ask. You can guess from my writing tone, that they are not really the essence of life. If you are into weight loss, there are better solutions for it. You have to keep in mind that it is a longer path, but I can tell you that the long run is very beneficial.

The second type of diets is connected with lifestyle. ‘I eat traditional food’ – that’s one statement you might hear. ‘I like cheeseburgers’ – that’s another. ‘We don’t eat meat’ – that’s also common. Traditional diet, vegetarian diet, vegan diet, based on the new pyramid of health lifestyle diet, just to name a few. These diets don’t have a weight loss as the main purpose, but in some of them the side effect is losing weight. People on a healthy diet, who exercise, don’t have any issues with their weight.

The diet which I recommend the most is the vegan diet based on the new pyramid of health lifestyle. It contains all the ingredients human beings need and excludes or reduces the products which are neutral or harmful.

If you eat meat don’t panic. The second diet I recommend is based on the new pyramid of health lifestyle diet- there are a lot of changes since the last pyramid of health. Now we know that physical activity and water are very important factors in our diet and they determine our overall health. Meat, eggs, dairy, fish are not excluded in this one.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG as it is commonly known is one of the best methods of reducing weight that is known to man.

There are so many different kinds of diets, that are all said to decrease the weight of the person, but they all do not really reduce the weight of the person.
Even if they reduce the weight to an extent, they help only to reduce the water content in the body of the person.

They do not cause a decrease in the cells, which are actual cause of the weight of the person. These cells are also the ones that are the reason for the person to get various diseases and it is very necessary to lose weight with Top Weight Loss Pills.They do not cause a decrease in the cells, which are actual cause of the weight of the person. These fat cells are also the ones that are the reason for the person to get various diseases and it is very necessary to lose weight with Top Weight Loss Pills.

When the other diets do this useless work of reducing the water content and have no action on the fat cells of the body, the HCG acts directly on the fat cells of the body. They act on the resilient cells that cause the increased weight of the person and decrease the weight of the person drastically. One can say that the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hits the fat cells where it hurts the most and destroys them. When you use this along with Top Weight Loss Pills, then you can see the difference, which is really very crucial.

Weight loss pills play a crucial role with HDG when combined and can help you in losing weight very easily

The hGC diet, or more correctly the hGC weight loss protocol and calorie cycling are both nontraditional and exciting ways to lose fat. How do they stack up against each other? Is caloric cycling the best way to lose fat or is the hGC protocol the best way. In this article we will try to point out the advantages and disadvantages of each diet protocol.

Traditional Low Calorie Diet

This diet is based on eating fewer calories than you burn in a day. The idea is that your body will make up the difference by burning your fat stores.

The advantages of traditional dieting are:

  • No time commitments
  • Plenty of free plans available

The disadvantages are:

  • Requires great will power to succeed
  • Weight loss often does not mean fat loss
  • Plateauing will and does occur
  • Does not prepare the body for maintenance

The hGC Diet

The hGC Diet protocol is a very strict protocol in which you take the hGC hormone either by injection or drops placed under the tongue and this causes your fat cells to release fat for the body to consume for energy. Along with taking hGC, you go on a 500 calorie a day diet.

The combination causes your body to lose fat off very fast and believe it or not, you do not suffer from hunger even though you are on a 500 calorie a day diet.

The advantages of The hGC Diet are:

  • Rapid fat loss
  • Steady fat loss with no plateauing
  • Weight loss due primarily to fat loss
  • Skin does not become lose and baggy
  • Prepares the body for maintenance

The disadvantages are:

  • A minimum of six week commitment to the program
  • NO CHEATING: requires moderate will power. This is helped by the scales dropping each day.
  • A very restricted diet

Caloric Cycling

If you are the kind of person that gets bored quickly with eating the same things over and over, or hate the idea of spending a long time away from the foods you love then Caloric Cycling is the diet for you. When you are doing caloric cycling you will have burn days and feed days.

On burn days you will eat a low calorie diet and then on feed days you will eat pizza, hamburgers and other things that will delight you. This cycling makes the diet easier to follow than most diets. The Every Other Day Diet by Jon Benson is an excellent example of how fun a diet can be. In his version of caloric cycling he outlines three levels that you can follow depending on how fast you would like to lose weight.

The advantages of Caloric Cycling are:

  • Greater variety of foods allowed
  • Built in “cheat days”
  • Easy to follow
  • Easy to stick with
  • Teaches portion control
  • Provides a concrete way to maintain your loss
  • The disadvantages to Caloric Cycling are:
  • Average weight loss
  • Can have some plateauingThe hGC diet and Caloric cycling, in my experience, are much easier ways to lose fat and keep it off. If you have tried other ways or are just looking for a new way to lose fat then you should definitely check out the hGC diet and/or Caloric Cycling.

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10 Weight Loss Statistics

On the surface, weight loss sounds like a basic idea: consume fewer calories than you burn, and you are going to shed weight.

But our world's increasing obesity issue has entirely changed the way we view weight loss, major to some actually desperate measures and shocking statistics.

Right here are ten of the most startling information about weight loss:

1. The entire globe wants to shed weight.

According to the Planet Well being Organization, 1 billion of the world's inhabitants are overweight. (That is just about equal to the quantity of people today who are malnourished in the globe.)

Globally, more than 22 million young children beneath the age of five are regarded overweight. This epidemic is largely due to elevated consumption of processed foods higher in calories and saturated fat, and a reduce in physical activity.

2. Almost two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese.

The Planet Well being Organization estimates that practically two-thirds of all American adults are overweight. The National Center for Well being Statistics lately identified that 34% of Americans are clinically obese.

3. 50% of American ladies and 25% of American males are presently on a diet regime.

With numbers like the ones above, it really is no wonder most Americans really feel the want to count calories.

Nevertheless, society's obsession with thinness comes at a value: Chronic dieting and emerging consuming problems are becoming additional popular amongst elementary college young children.

4. America's leading 3 killers are linked to obesity.

National Geographic published some eye-opening information about mortality in the USA.

They identified that the leading 3 most statistically probably causes of death have been heart illness (with a 1 in five likelihood), cancer (with a 1 in 7 likelihood), and stroke (with a 1 in 24 likelihood). All of these have been linked to excess weight.

5. Surprisingly, America is not the world's fattest nation.

The Planet Well being Organization provides that dubious honor to Samoa, exactly where additional than 93% of the population is overweight or obese. The Pacific isle of Kiribati comes subsequent, with an 82% obesity price.

America rounds out the leading 3, but is closely followed by Germany (66.five%), Egypt (66%), and Bosnia-Herzegovina (63%).

6. The weight loss sector is fat and content.

The obesity epidemic may imply misery for some, but it really is undoubtedly padded the pockets of the weight loss sector.

In 2007 alone, the American Diatetic Association identified that Americans spent $58 billion on weight loss goods. Taking into consideration that obesity has gone international, you can picture how profitable the weight loss sector will have to be.

7. More than half of the diet regime industry's claims are false.

As with any booming sector, there are lots of unscrupulous sellers attempting to prey on people's weight loss dreams. The Federal Trade Commission published a study in 2002 which identified that 55% of all weight loss claims “strained credibility”.

The American Diatetic Association concurs, pointing out the reality that most weight loss goods concentrate on atypical good results stories alternatively of actual probabilities of good results.

8. Bariatric surgery does not usually function.

Discouraged by several failed attempts at weight loss, additional people today than ever are turning to bariatric surgery. Nevertheless, there is no proof that gastric bypass or banding outcome in permanent weight loss.

The University of Virginia performed a study that revealed gradual weight regain immediately after six years post-surgery.

9. Diets do not function either.

The National Institute of Well being has estimated that dieters can count on to regain two-thirds of their lost weight inside a year of finishing their diet regime strategy. These dieters can count on to regain all of their weight, and possibly additional, inside five years.

10. Thankfully, there is a excellent recipe for lasting weight loss.

The National Weight Handle Registry tracks three,000 people today who have lost additional than 30 pounds and kept it off for additional than a year.

They have identified that most of the thriving dieters have 4 behaviors in popular: they preserve a meals journal and monitor their weight they under no circumstances skip breakfast they get an hour of workout just about each and every day and they consume diets consisting of 24% fat, 56% carbs, and 19% lean protein.

You can comply with that excellent weight loss recipe for your self and love far better well being for years to come.